Author Topic: Week 32: August 5 - August 11  (Read 781 times)


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Week 32: August 5 - August 11
« on: August 05, 2018, 04:03:44 PM »
Hello, everyone!
Please, answer the following questions to help 1) you set and focus on your goals and 2) provide information so others can help with accountability/motivation.
Your answers can have as little or as much details as you want to share.
  • What were last week's goals?
  • How did they go?
  • What are your goals for this week?
  • How productive was last week? (Scale: 1-7. 1 = minimal/not-at-all; 7 = maximum/Master Productivity)
  • Could anything be done be more productive/efficient?
  • How would you rate your wellbeing? (Scale: 1-7. 1 = lowest point, 7=highest point)
  • What would have made it better?
  • Any additional comments?

"Last week" indicates July 29 - August 4.
"This week" indicates August 5 - August 11.


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Re: Week 32: August 5 - August 11
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2018, 05:57:34 PM »
What were last week's goals: - How did they go?
  • Cook - Done. Made extra cocoa mix for a friend; crock-pot meal I tried is a keeper, brownies were a little sticky (despite oiling the pan) but good.
  • Continue blanket - I have a little less than one row left (approx. 500-ish more hdc stitches) before it it time to make swatches to determine the border/finishing.
  • Friends: Different method. - Not done.
  • Start writing again. - Mainly thought about starting, but I did get a small list of important details written down.
  • Practice Tai-chi - Not done unless you count dirga breathing practice.
  • Light bulbs and cleaning room. - Light bulbs are changed. I managed to keep my room at the same level of messiness, but it is not clean.

Goals for this week:
  • Clean off desk.
  • Finances
  • Contact friend: phone and different method.
  • Put up and organize laundry.
  • Transcribe notes.
  • Complete, print, and send crochet-learning materials.
  • Vacuum
    Possible if able
    • Try new writing program. Write regardless.
    • Garden
    • Finish final blanket row. Start making first swatch.

    Productivity Level: I don't know; my days are beginning to blur and jumble again.
    Same things I've been saying. Respect sleep cycle, try pomodoro techniques, schedule ; set daily priorities.

    Wellness rating: 4

    Additional comments:
    I cannot find out how to disable the coding that is visible. Please ignore any coding that shows.[/list][/list][/list]