Author Topic: Week 30: July 22 - July 28  (Read 1048 times)


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Week 30: July 22 - July 28
« on: July 23, 2018, 04:43:45 PM »
Hello, everyone! (I'm a little late in posting this time. Sorry about that.)
Please, answer the following questions to help 1) you set and focus on your goals and 2) provide information so others can help with accountability/motivation.
Your answers can have as little or as much details as you want to share.
  • What were last week's goals?
  • How did they go?
  • What are your goals for this week?
  • How productive was last week? (Scale: 1-7. 1 = minimal/not-at-all; 7 = maximum/Master Productivity)
  • Could anything be done be more productive/efficient?
  • How would you rate your wellbeing? (Scale: 1-7. 1 = lowest point, 7=highest point)
  • What would have made it better?
  • Any additional comments?

"Last week" indicates July 15 - July 21.
"This week" indicates July 22 - July 28.


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Re: Week 30: July 22 - July 28
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2018, 05:04:49 PM »
What were last week's goals?
  • Complete giant coloring page
  • **Health** Practice exersise, tai chi and yoga. Make phone calls one call left.
  • Contact two friends by phone. At least try to contact 1-2 friends by different means.
  • Clean room to where manageable
  • **Finances** - All that it entails.
  • **Blanket** At least one row of medium blue if yarn will allow. Shopping for yarn; if done before week's end, blanket to dark blue one row.

How'd they go?
  • Completed the same week as assigned before I had posted goals for last week
  • Yes, yes, and yes. Made the call this week.
  • Contacted one friend. Did not contact any others last week.
  • It is cleaner than it has been, but most of the items have simply been moved instead of put up.
  • Not even touched.
  • Competed one row to medium blue. Did the shopping; however the dark blue goal "overestimating" my wrist strength. I took care and did not do more.

Goals for this week?l
  • Webinar - completed today
  • Transcribe notes
  • Contact friend- Wed. Contact another friend by phone. Contact at least one friend by other means. Possibly contact another.
  • **Finances** - Payments and records, organization next week.
  • Blanket to dark-blue

Productivity level 3- took three days to finish coloring instead of finances.[/b]
Anything that can be done to be more efficient?
Focus more on the unfavorable tasks before the more favorable tasks. Reorganize priorities. Possibly re-evaluate my Habitica.

Wellbeing rating: 4
I'm getting better and making progress emotionally.

Anything to make it better
Keep on with practices that I know are healthy.

Any additional comments? - None.


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Re: Week 30: July 22 - July 28
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2018, 11:15:20 AM »
What were last week's goals?

Another lab (already done the second one).
The dry shampoo
At least 5 more small cleaning projects
Install the cash app on my phone
Really deal with the floor. Vacuum, sweep, etc.
Finish transcribing old audio episodes to figure out where I'm actually at.
Plan where to go from there on audio project.
See if there's anything at all I can salvage from unpublished stuff I've already done before recording more.
Additional paying work.
Friend's additional project/assignment.
Get down to 26 to-dos if I can.

How did they go?

N/A now
HA no. I got as high as 71 to-dos.

What are your goals for this week?

Basically the same list, minus the cash app thing.

How productive was last week? (Scale: 1-7. 1 = minimal/not-at-all; 7 = maximum/Master Productivity)

Going with the month so far and not just this past week?
... a 1. At least for my todo list. The dailies were even messed up most of the month. It felt like I barely managed to take care of my cat, let alone anything else.

Could anything be done be more productive/efficient?

Already doing so. Had to get tough with myself and set up an additional accountability system with the very folks who were distracting me. XD

Forget just having Habitica consequences - knowing these folks I expect probably a mortifying public prank if I don't do enough this week. There's a good reason to have a fire lit under you! 0.0;

How would you rate your wellbeing? (Scale: 1-7. 1 = lowest point, 7=highest point)

Oh, that's at a solid 6. My arthritis still sucks, and I'm stressed as heck but... Oh wow, a lot has changed the last few weeks.

What would have made it better?

If the situation I've found myself in didn't come with so much stress?
But honestly that's fine. I'm fine. This is fine. >.>

Any additional comments?

What HASN'T changed for me since July 3rd? ... my grad school plans, and maybe my hope to own a Tiny House someday or something. But which state I'm looking at living in next, who my nearby friends will be, who my closest circle of friends are (that's shifted more than outright changed, really, since a few friends are common to both groups)... even the person I was crushing on for 6 months rejected me, which lead to two people I'm friends with basically fighting over me, which was... a weird experience that didn't even really happen when I was younger. o.o; What I'll probably do for work in the meantime has somewhat changed... just... everything's changed. But in a way that feels like adventure, even if a stressful one that could go badly just as easily as it could go well. Even parts of my religious / spiritual past that I've grown distant from are sort of getting reintegrated, in their own, new, different-but-still-the-same way, plus I've also made a slight academic research breakthough, too. (NOT related to the "lab work.")

Put it this way, my current desktop background shows a dusty road going through scrub lands, with the quote: "Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones."

That about sums it up.

I'm riding an emotional high right now from life circumstance reasons. A lot of dead or at least sluggish things fell away to make room for risks I'm scared to take, but probably will. I've spent years doing what should have only taken me six months. Now, at last, I'm looking at doing in a matter of months what I wouldn't have dreamed of accomplishing for years. Might even travel to a bunch of states I've never been to - my current number is 19, but if I earn enough between now and when I might travel, I could get as high as 26 if I recall. (And "enough" isn't as much as one might think, I'm pretty shoestring with these things...)

Frelling FINALLY, though.
I'm scared, but excited.

Also - @OneWhoDreamz - depending on how you feel about swearing, if cleaning is an issue, may I recommend the website / blog UFYH? Their methods worked pretty well to motivated me. Unfortunately the F stands for exactly what one might guess it does, though... But other than that, it's a down to earth method that's adaptable to all sorts of personal capacities for cleaning. So... thought I'd recommend it. (Unless I did already, which I probably did, so WHOOPS.)