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Heyhey ^-^


Ermm hey everyone. I'm quite terrible at introductions, but I'll do my best :/

So anyways, I'm Adi, 22 from Israel. An undergrad student of Electrical Engineering. I like* gaming, anime, listening to music, and just learning new things in general.
* At least I used to.. Nowadays things tend to feel quite empty...

Not sure if there's an official format, so just gonna copy from other posts here.

Strengths (I could literally only think of one :/) :
- hm.. idk, smart? I hate saying positive things about myself, but ye..

- Pretty bad social anxiety. My social life is nonexistent. Might have depression too, who knows *sigh*
- I judge myself way too harshly. My thoughts are consisted mainly of self inflicted insults :/ Which means the slightest sign of disapproval from others, sort of validates these.
- I give up to easily. The SECOND something goes wrong, I bail. I can have a perfect diet for 2 weeks, and exercise daily, but then one chocolate bar, and I throw it all out the window (cuz I see it as a failure).

- Get fit and healthy after a lifetime of trying
- Get out more and work against my anxiety
- Maybe get some new hobbies? My life is mostly just studying 24/7 now :/

I'm sorry that this post turned out a lot more depressing than I anticipated. But I am quite intrigued by the idea of "answering" to someone in charge of me. Uni is the only thing I'm successful at atm, and it's only because I "have" to do all of assignments and exams.

Hello. Your introduction was just fine. There was no "official" format it was only requested that we list three strengths and weaknesses.

It seems you might have tried italicizing your "like" section (based on Habitica's coding format). This forum works slightly different. You may use the buttons (when on a computer above the typing-box) or you can manually type the code, which uses square brackets: [ ].
For example to use:

* italics, you would place [ i ] at the beginning of where you want italics to start and end the italics by [/ i]. (Without the spaces)
* for bold change the "i" to a "b."
* and to underline you place a "u" between the brackets.Lists, and text color changes are a bit more complicated (but do-able once you get used to them)....

I seem to relate to some [if not most] of what you wrote in your introduction.
If its not to presumptuous or bold of me: perhaps, if you dislike saying positive things about yourself, you can recall positive things others have said about you (or accomplishments you've done). Or even just neutral thoughts until you become comfortable with positive self-talk?

I didn't actually try making it italic, but thank you for the detailed explanation. I meant it more as a statement, followed by a caveat.

And hmm... I guess I've been told I'm hard working. And maybe a good listener? But it's hard to sort out the lies :/

Also, thank you for the friendly introduction. Am looking forward to become more involved in this small group. I prefer small over large and impersonal groups.

Hmmm...What I tend to do to help "sort out the lies" is choose to have a selective memory/belief-system.

Usually I'll ask myself:

* What are my "landmarks"? [Meaning: what are important things in my life that stand out or have shaped me into who I am today?]
* How do I view these? How do I view myself? (If they are not positive, I ask myself: Is there anything positive I can recall. If not, is there anything positive others have said about me?)These questions usually give me a foundation of where I have been and where I am today.

But the most important question:

* Who do I want to become? (If you've seen Shugo Chara: What is my "heart's egg"? Who is my "would-be-self"?)This gives me an idea of: where I want to go. Who I want to be. Wow I want to see myself. How I want to be portrayed.
Then, I'll just chose to believe that I have the potential for these qualities and do my best to make any part that I might consider a "lie" and turn it into truth. (Feed the qualities I want to keep. Starve the qualities I want to change.)

Does this make sense?
You can tell me if I've gone too far.

Thing is, I feel like I'm not at all there yet. Asking who I am and who I want to be. I've been stuck in my head for so many years, overthinking every little thing 24/7/. That all I want to do now is just live a simple physical peasant life. I want to take care of my physical needs better, and then after I feel more "stable"m I will let myself on to such thoughts.

I do want to start \ try meditating more often, but even then. I just want a blank, simple, "raw", physical life. Hopefully we can continue this identity chat in the future :)


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