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Hello everyone


Hi everyone. I'm Yoringtheyounger, both here and on Habitica. I like the life coaching premise of this group, so here I am.

I work at a soul-draining non-profit job in order to pay off my student debt. (Yes, I was dumb enough to take on debt to "follow my dreams.") I still have 2 years left of my pay-off journey, and I struggle not to become depressed about it. My workplace frequently ignores or denigrates my contributions, and since it's a small organization, there is no lateral position I could move to, and no room for advancement. I am trying to find a new job that pays a living wage for the next 2 years of my loan repayment, but this has been a hard struggle. In my field, jobs are few, poorly-paid, and mainly located in Vancouver, where I can't afford to live. (I am in B.C., Canada.) As a result, I have been searching for entry-level jobs in administration or clerical work, which I have plenty of experience in. I am also planning to take some online accounting courses so that I can become a bookkeeper and have a few more job options.

I live in a small town that I moved to for the job. It is mainly a retirement community, and I haven't been able to make many friends here. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, who is my main social support. We do the best we can to have fun and live cheaply while I repay my debt, but neither of us like the town and we are struggling to meet people of our own age and situation (early 30s, thrifty, outdoorsy, no kids).

I enjoy writing and learning about personal finance and life optimization. I also love good food, reading, listening to podcasts, and baking. My background is in anthropology and I love travel and learning about other places and people, but haven't had the chance to do so for several years. I also meditate, explore other towns, and learn languages for fun.

My strengths:

- I am academically gifted and good at learning new things, like money mastery!
- I am knowledgeable about global issues, intellectually curious, and social justice-oriented
- I do what needs to be done, am conscientious, hard-working, and dedicated

My weaknesses:

- I am an extreme perfectionist and judge myself very harshly
- I have issues with general and social anxiety which makes it hard for me to go to social gatherings, take risks, and talk to people about myself. I tend to be very guarded and use any criticism as evidence of my lack of worth
- Due to the environment of my current job and years spent working alone, I think my social skills have decreased somewhat.

My goals are:

- to continue saving an emergency fund and paying down my debt
- to manage my anxiety and fend off depression about my situation
- to change jobs (hopefully to a different city)
- to do more creative writing
- to keep trying to make friends and socialize, since I find this is vitally important for my state of mind.

Hello everyone.....
I am marry and i am newbie in this forum. Join to say hello to all. Glad to be a part of this forum.
Hope i stay and enjoy in This forum.


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