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A Short Bio
Hi, I'm Sila. I'm a male undergraduate student currently living in Brazil. I study Software Engineering. For my final year thesis I'm researching about gamification integrated into an app help students be aware and motivated to study for upcoming tests.

Three Strengths of Mine
* I speak multiple languages (German, English,Spanish,French and Portuguese)
* I have an easy time with logic problems
* I have an iron will power when necessary

Three weaknesses
* I'm a perfectionist (as in, the fear of not being able to do something perfectly paralyses me)

* I have recurring panic attacks and periods of depression

* I lack determination to work consistently on something

Three Long-Term Goals

* Finish my final year thesis
* Improve my physical health(fix the hardware) to improve my mental health (fix the software)
* Get a good paying job to be able to take care of my girlfriend


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