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A Short Bio
My name is David Arthur Steele, and I am a 34 year old teacher located in the north of Beijing. At the time of writing, I have a 33-day old baby girl, and as such, the amount of time I have available to do the various tasks needing to get done has dwindled.   An ever-growing list of 'to-dos' was putting a bit of a strain on my and my wife's well-being.

I've been using Habitica for a few weeks now in order to organize what I need to do and check myself to make sure they get done and have met with some limited success.  I hope that through communicating with others and forming social bonds with other struggling to better themselves in some way, that we can all find easier and longer-lasting success.

Three Strengths of Mine

* I learn languages rapidly and have a wealth of experience in teaching them.
* I possess an overwhelming sense of duty, and am constantly aware of what one must do.
* I am well-liked by people, despite a number of flaws that I possess - including intense irascibility.
Three Long-Term Goals

* I am thoroughly an addict of porn and masturbation, and I work to see myself rid of this addiction.
* Each and every day, I must continue to mold my daughter into a happy, healthy child full of faith.
* I aim to complete the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Level 6 examination, and forestall the date at which my child's ability in Chinese surpasses my own.

Earl William:
Greetings David! Glad to have you here. I've added permissions to your account so you can post on the other boards.


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