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"Greetings," says the Dreamer


Towards the edge of the small but growing fiefdom, there is a worn, yet sturdy cottage. Over the years, the occasional violent storm of changing seasons and cost of repair materials had aged the structure greatly—so much so, that some citizens thought it had been abandoned. But, if one were to look closely, that individual might notice a quick shift of shadow during the day, or the faint flicker of flame behind drawn curtains at night. Was it haunted? (Those who noticed certainly thought.) A precious few were granted the pleasure of learning the truth.

Hello, all who read this. I hope you enjoyed my short introduction story.
Please, call me either OneWhoDreamz or Dreamer. Both are acceptable.

About Me:
I have many interests, but they all tend to fall under these categories: story-telling, design, and learning (self-improvement). I have developed multiple skills in each category to take steps to making my dreams a reality; however, for whatever reason I am reluctant to pursue my personal dreams, goals, and wishes directly.


* Finding balance between creative and logical thinking processes,
* understanding (or at least being aware) of what goes on inside my mind (technically, this may also count as a weakness...but it can be useful.),
* my skill-sets can be applied to almost anything (and focus on the three interests I have).

* My mind has a lot of supportive aspects, but it also has a lot of negative (and sometimes I get drawn into the negative and have trouble getting out).
* Lack of self-motivation; too willing to stay inside my "comfort-zone".
* "Beating around the bush" and using undertones instead of directly stating what I want to communicate.


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