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Earl William:
Hi! My name is William (some call me Will). I'm 25 years old and my gf and I are expecting a baby girl in August. I am looking for a better job at the moment (this development caused me to drop out of college), have a few things on the horizon. I like to think I'm a pretty bright guy. I enjoy reading, politics, and philosophy, though I'd like to keep controversial topics mostly off of this forum, as people of different backgrounds should be welcome to benefit. I may be immediately breaking this rule by using an idea from a figure who is controversial to some (though IMO because extreme people take him viciously out of context), Jordan Peterson, who makes the point you shouldn't try to remake the world in your image until you can keep your room clean. Well, I'm sure most of us could stand to be tidier, literally or otherwise, else we wouldn't be here.

I decided to make this forum after toying with the idea of using fractals as an organizational structure for human endeavors. I had become fairly enamored with fractals as some secret to the universe, after watching a PBS documentary on them. I thought something like fractals could explain the organization of complexity out of simplicity (and this rather brilliant man came to a similar conclusion ). I thought that fractally nested groups could allow for a number of beneficial effects. Having small groups would allow for more cohesion, while the treelike-structure would allow information to flow up and down and sideways.  After a while, I realized rather sheepishly that I had simply come to the conclusion that has been around for millennia: that of monarchy or feudalism. Almost every effective organization has a pyramid structure, from governments and militaries, to churches, charities, and corporations. So I wanted to try to use the concept to make people's lives better, using the things I've learned from my own experiences in life. I've worn many hats, from thespian to activist, leader to mentally ill, student and employee, SO and soon to be father. I hope that I can help others with what wisdom I may have gleaned from my time, and to obtain more from working with everyone here.


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