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I guess you can call me Juniper. I'm 31, female, and trying to work my way out of a ridiculous patch of my life via transcription work. I'm trying to finish graduate school and/or another side certification to allow me to work in my field. I have a BA in psychology and religious studies, and the field I refer to is counseling.

I live in my parent's attic after a divorce I did not want, and I'm basically starting from scratch older than I should be. I have various other side projects, some of which are driven by potential income, others of which are driven primarily by a sense of ethical obligation. I'm required to do several hours a week of physical and sometimes creative labor for my parents in order to stay here, as well.

3 strengths:

Persistent over an extremely long period of time.

Tend to be an optimist (relatively speaking) without glossing over the seriousness of a situation.

If I get out of my own way, I'm pretty decent at using language to accomplish anything from trying to make the world a wee bit better, through talking people out of hurting themselves.

3 Weaknesses:

 My OCD is a Problem. (By which I do not mean OCPD, the organizational one everyone confuses with OCD.)

The world is starting to scare me badly enough I toy with the idea of vanishing to live in an off grid hobbit hole with books. (Literally.)

If you don't count attempts at self employment, my resume has three jobs listed on it and none of them lasted longer than six months... So that's fun.

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